Pharmacy Services

Nightingales is your Community Destination Pharmacy. As well as being able to dispense your prescriptions, we provide a range of additional health services to ensure you can access your medications in a timely manner. All of our care is patient centred and we aim at offering you healthcare solutions.

We strive to provide friendly, honest care and advice to all of our patients and customers. 

Our friendly Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants provide the following services:

Vaccination Services

Our trained Pharmacists are able to immunise against illnesses including COVID-19, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Measles and Meningococcal Disease. All vaccinations provided will be recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register and certificates issued. Please call us on 9293 2621 to book your Vaccination Appointment, or alternatively, you can book here.

Leave Certificates

Our Pharmacists may issue a Personal Sick Leave or Carer's Leave Certificate after a short consultation to assess the person's fitness to work. Leave certificates are only issued if the consulting Pharmacist is able to confirm that you are unable to work, and are not intended to replace medical treatment, opinion or diagnosis. They may only be supplied for the day you visit and the Pharmacist may refer you to a General Practitioner if required. Consultation incurs a fee of $40.

UTI Consults

Females aged between 18 and 65 can now see a Nightingales Pharmacist for a consult if they have symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection. During the consult, the Pharmacist will assess eligibility for the supply of antibiotics. If suitable, you may be supplied with antibiotics to allow for timely treatment. UTI Consults are $40 and the price of the antibiotics varies on which is suitable.

Friendly Advice

Our pharmacists and pharmacy assistants are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your or another's health, medications, or recent life event; we would be happy to speak with you. Here at Nightingales we pride ourselves on providing you with much more than just products. We strive to offer healthcare solutions. To us this means ensuring all of our staff members give professional service, accurate advice, and respect to everyone who comes into the store.   

MedicoPak Dosage Administration Aids

If you know someone who is no longer able to manage their medications, is being admitted to respite care, or is living in an aged care or assisted facility, they could greatly benefit from our MedicoPack service. Our pharmacists and dispensary team will personally pack patients' medications into easy to use blister packs, which will simplify and take the stress out of multiple daily dosages. For more information, including associated costs, delivery options, and packing cycles, please feel free to call or come and see us to discuss your medication needs.

Medication Management with MedAdvisor

MedAdvisor allows you to link to Nightingales Pharmacy to get more out of your medications. Our app gives you access to view your active medication list, order medication where scripts are kept on file, access medication information and message your local Pharmacist. To find out more, or sign up with our Pharmacy, visit us in store for a seamless sign up.

Prescription Filing Service

Simply leave your prescriptions with us and phone ahead, or order through the MyPharmacyLink app, so it is ready to collect when you arrive in store.

NDSS SubAgent

Diabetes sufferers can rely on Nightingales to stock a wide range of test strips, lancets, needles, sharps containers and more, with the ability now order in any insulin pump consumables available on the NDSS Access Scheme.

MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck

To minimise confusion and ensure you are on track with your medications, our Pharmacists offer a one on one confidential consultation service to discuss your health. This service is particularly beneficial to those taking multiple medications.

Special Ordering

Want an item that we do not usually keep? Our Store Buyer is on from Monday to Friday to ensure that if we do not have it, we can get it for you as soon as possible.

Document Certifying and Witnessing

Our Pharmacists can also certify documents and witness signatures on some document types. If you are a VIP member this service is completely free, however, it may take some time if we are busy. A small service fee of $1 per page will be charged.

Local Delivery

Nightingales provides local delivery of prescriptions on Weekdays to Kalamunda and surrounding suburbs. For $5 per delivery, you no longer have to leave the house when ill to ensure you recieve timely access to medicines.

Want to get in touch regarding any of the above? Send us a message below.

Nightingales Pharmacy and Newsagency Kalamunda

Nightingales is your health destination pharmacy. As well as being able to dispense your prescriptions, we provide a range of additional health services to ensure you can access your medication in a timely manner.