Hi there,

My name is "Matthew", "Matt", or sometimes just anything beginning with "M" . 

I was born in England in 1992 and moved to Australia when I was 9.
With my family.
I wasn't THAT much of a problem child.

It wasn't until around the age of 18 that I first stepped foot in Kalamunda, and it didn't take long for me to decide that I want to live in the Hills one day. One of my favourite aspects of Perth as a whole is the amount of vegetation which can be found everywhere. Every road seems to be lined with trees or bushes and almost every house sports a bit of green out the front. To me, the Hills are the best example of this lifestyle and I hope that it stays this way for a long time to come.

Generally speaking I am relatively quiet and reserved both in-store and at home; but that can change if you bring up a subject about which I am interested. The rest of the Team at Nightingales know to only bring up psychology or cognitive development near me if they are prepared to talk for the next ten minutes about nothing else. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and started working in pharmacy to learn as much as I could about how medications affected the brain.

Working here has been the most enjoyable and rewarding job I've had so far, in large part due to the Hills community, and I hope to continue learning and improving for a while yet.

I'm also the person who will be answering any questions you post through this new website, so I hope to speak with you soon!

All the best,